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Turks and Caicos Islands

National Hospital, Turks and Caicos Islands

A Milestone Project in the Turks and Caicos Islands

InterHealth Canada developed, constructed and currently operates two hospitals in the Turks and Caicos Islands (TCI), located in the British West Indies. These facilities, apart from being the primary means by which the people of the Turks and Caicos receive healthcare, were a milestone development for on-island health services and represented the first Public Private Partnership (PPP) deal of its kind in the region.

In early the 2000's the Turks and Caicos government implemented an ambitious and unique Health Services Renewal Programme that included a strong focus on Lifestyle and Wellness initiatives, the revitalisation of Public Health facilities and services, and the construction of two new full service hospitals in order to improve the range and quality of primary and secondary care services available inland. In 2006, with the direct involvement of UK and other internationally known specialist advisors, a rigorous and competitive selection process began between internationally qualified bidders to appoint a private sector partner for a significant part of the health services renewal programme. Once the process had been settled the government chose InterHealth Canada as its preferred partner. 

InterHealth Canada was responsible for the full design, build, equipping and maintenance of a 20 bed hospital on Providenciales and a 10 bed hospital on Grand Turk in addition to providing full commissioning and staffing to both facilities. The project was implemented on time and on budget, having satisfied all goals set forth in the partnership. This was achieved despite the islands being hit with the two successive hurricanes Hanna and Ike, which caused widespread damage across the region. Both hospitals, once fully completed, were designed to withstand hurricanes up to Category 5.

InterHealth commenced operations in 2010, providing high quality services including three Operating Theatres, Diagnostic Imaging including an MRI and CT scanner, LDRP Maternity Suites, a Dialysis Centre, Pathology and Blood Bank, Physiotherapy and Dentistry. Along with high tech medical equipment, both the centers are equipped with telemedicine and tele-health units so that, where practical, advanced clinical consultation can be obtained without patients having to travel between the two islands. There is also a telemedicine link to South Caicos, which helps reduce unnecessary patient travel from that island to either Grand Turk or Providençiales and will provide support for the Ministry of Health’s clinical teams on that island. The facilities are operated with approximately 180 multi-disciplinary clinical staff, including employees from the existing hospitals on Grand Turk and Providençiales as well as visiting consultants for specialist clinics. There is a scheduled visiting doctors program for cardiology, neurology, urology, renal medicine, ENT, ophthalmology and reconstructive (plastic) surgery.

InterHealth Canada is proud to acknowledge that the TCI Hospitals received the highest rating of diamond from Accreditation Canada just two years after opening. The project continues to exemplify InterHealth Canada's principles of Partnership Working, Clinical Excellence, Governance, Cultural Sensitivity and Local Autonomy, while providing world class healthcare to the people of Turks and Caicos.



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